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This trip to retrace part of the famed Silk Route in 1995, was the epitome of my backpacking trips. Effectively starting in Chengdu ( Sichuan Province), the journey west of China took 6 weeks, transversing the Karakoram Highway before finally ending in Lahore (Pakistan). Through a combination of public buses and trains, I got to see a side of China I never knew existed. In particular, Xinjiang seemed like a misplaced province in China, where its peoples have handsome Caucasian features and Islam predominates.

I don't know if it was the beauty of the surroundings or the peoples or its history....this trip stimulated all senses to the hilt. It was certainly an adventure of a lifetime for me; next to Life itself, of course.

Sichuan Gallery    
Gansu Gallery    
Xinjiang Galleries   Xinjiang Gallery 1a
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