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Arrived in Chengdu after an overnight train from Kunming. The next day was a 12-hr butt cracking bus ride to Songpan, inching up a mountain dirt track and precariously balanced against a vertical drop to a river below. It didn't daunt on me then that it would be a dangerous trip as rockslides are quite common here. So, arriving at Songpan safely was a relief.

copyright_ian2001   Spectacular scenery enroute to Songpan
copyright_ian2001   Songpan town.
copyright_ian2001   Songpan town as viewed from a nearby village.
copyright_ian2001   Pristine alpine forests around Songpan.
copyright_ian2001   This waterfall (Zhaga Falls) was taken while on a horse trek.
copyright_ian2001   A Tibetan pilgrims' shrine in the mountain surrounds of Songpan
copyright_ian2001   Picture taken with a lama in a small village monastery during a horse trek stopover.
copyright_ian2001   In Tibetan cowboy outfit...eeyah....the coat and hat belonged to the Guide.
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