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The photos in this gallery were taken mostly in Tianchi (Lake of Heaven) some 100+ km from Urumuqi. At Tianchi, it was easy to forget that you're in China; what with the alpine like mountain scenery that is more akin with Switzerland. The scenery was beautiful and the tent accomodation was pretty quaint but several rip-offs by the local Kazakhs here left quite a lasting impression on me.

copyright_ian2001   Snow capped mountains enroute to Urumuqi.
copyright_ian2001   Glimpse of Tianchi taken from a dirt track during a morning trek.
copyright_ian2001   Dusk at Tianchi
copyright_ian2001   Pebbles & rocks....Tianchi
copyright_ian2001   Mongollian type tents of the Kazakhs
  A Kazakh woman doing some sewing work at Tianchi
  Inside the tent...that's where we slept alright.
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