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One of my favourite photographic subject is People. Just people doing every day stuff. Each facial expression is unique...the look of toil, animation, laughter, sadness....

copyright_ian2001   Coal Seller in Dali
copyright_ian2001   Baby playing at his mother's stall in Dali
copyright_ian2001   Bai Women in Shaping Market about 20km from Dali. This market comes to life every Monday.
copyright_ian2001   Bai people on board a make shift local bus. Also taken at Shaping Market.
copyright_ian2001   An old man making steamer at ShapingMarket.
copyright_ian2001   Lady awaiting at Shaping Market.
copyright_ian2001   Deseeding...sunflower seeds at Shaping Market
copyright_ian2001   A girl peeping out from her house at Shaping.
    Yunnan Index People Gallery Two


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