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More pictures of everyday people in Yunnan.

copyright_ian2001   Old men having a chat at the compound of the cultural park of Dali....and one having a nap.
copyright_ian2001   A Tibetan monk carrying water back to his quarters at Songzanlin Si in Zhongdian.
copyright_ian2001   Shopping.....every woman's fantasy. Tibetan women taking a close look at some fabrics at a market in Zongdian.
copyright_ian2001   A Tibetan boy lazing on his trishaw and watching the world go by. Taken at the same market in Zongdian.
copyright_ian2001   Old woman in Lijiang.
copyright_ian2001   A lady cooking claypot mee-xian in the early morning in Lijiang.
copyright_ian2001   A group of elderly Naxi women looking gorgeous in their traditional costume. Taken at Heilongtan in Lijiang.
copyright_ian2001   Senior Tibetan lama giving counsel to a layman at Songzanlin Si.
copyright_ian2001   An old Tibetan lama in contemplation. Also at Songzanlin Si.
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