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Yunnan has some really beautiful and breathtaking scenes. The best scenes are usually when you are travelling or when it is simply not convenient to take any photos.

copyright_ian2001   Shiling (or Stone Forest) has some really bizarre rock formation.
copyright_ian2001   Another view of rice field taken near Erhai.the lake located at the downhill of Changsan (near Dali).
copyright_ian2001   A picturesque view of Heilongtan Park. The snow mountain in the background is the Heilong Xue San. The park itself is nothing to shout about.
copyright_ian2001   A panoramic shot of Songzanlin Si in Zhongdian. This Tibetan monastery is also called the little Potala because of its resemblance to the famous Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet....which happens to be the residence of the Dalai Lama before he went into exile.
copyright_ian2001   An inside view of the prayer hall in Songzanlin Si. Tibetan prayer halls are typically very dark. This shot taken on time exposure.
copyright_ian2001   Roof top of the ancient houses in Lijiang. This ancient city is simply charming.....if not for the swarm of tourists.
copyright_ian2001   One of the many views of rice fields & traditional houses in Yunnan. This one's taken at Shaping.
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