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This gallery features the odds and ends of objects, things, close ups that somehow captures the culture and essence of least that's what i think it does.

copyright_ian2001   This is a close up of rice stalks after the rice husks have been removed. Arranging in cones make transporting & burning (to regenerate the soil) easier.
copyright_ian2001   A static shot of a cart waiting to be loaded.
copyright_ian2001   Unattended claypots taken in Lijiang. The claypot rice is a simple concoction of chinese bacon and green peas with a dash of lard. Absolutely delicious. Goes with local pickles.
copyright_ian2001   Copperwares on sale in Dali. Also quite common in Lijiang.
copyright_ian2001   Dried chillies are almost a staple in Yunnan. Usually ground into powder form.
copyright_ian2001   These structures are made for drying. The large surface area enables quick drying. The height also makes it easy for the owner to keep an eye from the house. Used to dry anything under the sun....literally. Taken at Songzanlin Si in Zongdian.
copyright_ian2001   A close up of lalang flower. Taken at the rice fields near Erhai.
copyright_ian2001   Mostly herbs & tonic. Note the seahorses. Taken at the same market in Zhongdian.
copyright_ian2001   This is a close up of the dragon carving on an urn. Taken at the Bamboo Temple some 1hour from Kunming.
copyright_ian2001   Pots for sale; neatly stacked at a market in Zhongdian.
copyright_ian2001   One of those experimental shots that came out quite nice. Notice the shadow of the roof? Taken in Lijiang.
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